The federation of Hockey of the Valencian Community (FHCV) is preparing to host the EuroHockey Junior Championships, Men and Women, Valencia 2017. This expected tournament will be celebrated from the 28th of August till the 3rd of September 2017 in the facilities of Polideportivo Verge del Came – Beteró (Field of Beteró and Tarongers). The following teams will participate:

England, The Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Ireland and Germany will participate in both categories, while Portugal and Austria will only participate in the men’s category and France in the women category. Unfortunately, due circumstances, the Italian women's team can’t participate in this Championship.

On the 28th, 29th, 30th and the 31st of August the group stage will be played in both categories. The 29th will be the first rest day in the men’s category, the women’s category will have their first rest day on the 30th of August. The crosses, semi-finals and finals will be played on the 2nd and 3rd of September, this will leaf he first of September as the second rest day for both categories.


If you are interested in experiencing the experience of participating in the organization and development of a hockey tournament at the highest level, become a volunteer and you will be able to collaborate with us in different areas. Choose the one the suits the best by your preferences: Logistical support, ticket sales, marketing, team accompaniment / team leader, merchandising…

You can become a volunteer by filling out the form in the volunteers section, you can access by clicking on the following banner:

Become a volunteer

Become a volunteer and collaborate in the hockey events we organize! In addition, by volunteering you will receive an exclusive volunteer pack consisting of: a cap, a short sleeved T-shirt, shorts and a backpack.


* For children from 5 to 10 years, pensioners and people over 65 of people with disabilities it is necessary to present a documentation to prove it.



During the event the FHCV Shop will be present with a stand where you can by your hockey material, clothing of the event and clothing of the Spanish hockey team.



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